About Us:

The name, Random Insanity is very close to its namesake. We're random, we're insane. How much simpler does it get?

Origins of the Name
The name came out of a flash of inspiration, considering the nature of what brought the first people together - the chaos and, well, insanity that had become Final Fantasy Online Survivor 5. It was the end of the tournament, and there were burgeoning friendships and chatter that could not continue at FFO without jeopardizing our own standings (basically, we were spamming, and were going to get in trouble for continuing it). So Mintaka grabbed a free webboard and drugged convinced people over as best as possible before the tournament was finally over/locked.

The Tournaments
The Survivor Tournaments are writing tournaments that most of the members participate multiple times a year; a brutal friendly competition that once kicked out of FFO, needed a new home. RI has since become the center of organizing and setting these writing tournaments up. For more information, please see the TaikiWiki for more information regarding the tournaments.
In recent times RI has found itself home to many different places around the internet, often times with frustration and annoyance. Mintaka, our original cult leader, was gracious enough to finally host a stable home for RI for the debut of RT3 in Summer 2002. However, due to recent real life situation, Mintaka is no longer able to uphold the Insanity, and has passed it along to Kellios, who feels weird talking in third person and she has updated RI to its current version, Random Insanity 4.0.
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